Caseidyneën Saën – Learning Together

Want to learn more about Zapotec language and history? Looking for resources to incorporate Indigenous knowledge into your classroom? Caseidyneën Saën is a book of lessons that explore these topics using the Colonial Zapotec documents available on Ticha.

Caseidyneën Saën is...

  • Bilingual (English and Spanish versions available)
  • Aimed at a high school or university audience
  • Designed to be accessible
  • Perfect for classes, discussion groups, or for independent study
  • Written by both Zapotec and non-Native team members
  • Made free-to-access thanks to funding from a 2019 American Council for Learned Societies (ACLS) Digital Extension Grant.

Get involved!

All of the chapters are under active development, and we would love your feedback! Use our Contact Us page to share your thoughts. Please share Caseidyneën Saën widely, and tell us your ideas about where it could be of use!