Testament from San Mateo Macuilxóchitl, 1733

About the Testament

This is the last will and testament of Francisco Jiménez from San Mateo Macuilxóchitl. The scribe was Joseph Martín.  This manuscript was later translated into Spanish by Pedro Vicente. This translation is also available on Ticha: https://ticha.haverford.edu/en/texts/Ma733T/

The last will and testament of Francisco Jimenez begins with a confession of Catholic faith. His dispensations start with alms to several altars. Besides this, he allocates his house to his son Domingo and each of his plots of land and house plots to one of his four sons. He also distributes his furniture and maguey plants among his sons.

This transcription, morphological analysis, translation of the Zapotec-language last will and testament of Francisco Jimenez (1733) was created by students in Dr. Brook Danielle Lillehaugen’s LING 215 course at Haverford College, Fall 2022.  This digital edition can be cited as:

Anderson, Isabelle R. Maya Antonio, Jacob Chan, Tshering Yangzom Dorji, Pablo Famodou, Savidya Hettiarachchi, Lillian Leibovich, Ayanna Madison, Lina Marsella, Lisette Pham, Michaela Richter, Emma Y. Schechter, Morgan Stevens, and Brook Danielle Lillehaugen. 2022. “The Zapotec-language last will and testament of Fransisco Jimenez, 1733 San Matheo Macuilxocitl, Oaxaca: an interlinear analysis and translation.” Haverford: The Ticha Project (https://ticha.haverford.edu/en/text/ma733/).